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Velrepairs provides onsite mechanical repair and auto electrical services to a diverse range of heavy vehicles, plant equipment and customised machinery.

We supply these services to businesses that operate in fields where it is always mandatory for their equipment to remain in a turn-key state and adhere to all safety and compliance regulations.

We also strive to achieve complete compliance and safety, and are always searching for solutions to continually improve the safety of operations in our industry and our customers industry.

We are the masters of working on specialised equipment.

Our knowledge and equipment enable us to diagnose and repair customised machinery such as Tiltrators, Hi-rail excavators, Hi-rail trailers, rail threaders, tampers, paddles, etc.


Being a service partner with Engcon Australia, we also provide complete repair and breakdown service for Engcon Tiltrators. We carry a range of spare Engcon parts on our service vehicles to maximise efficiency of Engcon repairs.

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