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By using any services from Velrepairs, or purchasing any goods from Velrepairs you have accepted the terms and condition of trade.

The Net Terms of payment for account customers is 7 days.

All goods and services remain the property of Velrepairs until full payment has been made by the customer.

Any disputes about an invoice must be emailed to before the net terms of payment for that individual invoice expires. The net terms of payment is 7 days from invoice date. Once the net terms of payment have expired the invoice amount is non-negotiable and must be paid immediately.

We reserve the right to request immediate payment for non-account customers.
We reserve the right to issue customers with late payment fees.
We reserve the right to charge interest to customers based on amounts overdue by the customer at a variable interest rate.

We reserve the right to use PPS and PPSR policies as security against customer assets.
Please note: This business is registered with PPSR if you are not a C.O.D customer and would like more information on PPSR please follow link provided:
Please reference either your company name or invoice number on payments made by bank transfer.

To pay using Direct Debit see account details on invoice footer.

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